Adding agents to the Crikle platform is simple, and takes just minutes to do.

First of all, head to Settings via the navigation bar at the top of your window, and click the Team tab.

Inviting new users

To invite users to your team, simply fill in their email in the 'Email address' box. You can also add their name if desired, or the user can complete this themselves after accepting the invitation.  

Inviting multiple users

To invite multiple users at once, all you need to do is paste or type their email addresses into the lower box. You can add up to 30 at once, but you will need to separate them with commas in order for the invitation to work. 

Alternatively, the quickest way to add new users along with their names is to paste the email addresses into the lower box and click 'Add to List'. This will automatically populate your agents' addresses as separate entries in the 'Email address' box so you can easily add their names without having to add new fields yourself.

Accepting an invitation

When you invite a new user, they will receive an email like this one:

All your agent has to do is click 'Accept invite' and log in using their email address and the temporary password provided. 

We suggest prompting your agents to change their password on entering the platform for the first time to something memorable. To do this, head to the Your Profile panel. 

Your users can also amend their name, email address and phone number on this tab. 

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