Crikle's sign up process is quick and simple. Here's how you do it: 

Go to

Enter your name and email address. Once you have written in those fields and checked the two boxes, click "create my account".

You will then see a pop-up where you can either watch a demo of some of Crikle's features, or continue to your account set up.

Note: If you choose "watch demo" you can still set up your account at a later time in settings.

If you choose "Continue to set up" you will be taken to step 2 of 4 where you can write in your business name. You will see this text update in the preview to the right hand side - this is an example of where your clients would see your business name when on a Crikle call with you.

When you've written in your business name, click "continue".

Step 3 of 4 allows you to choose your customisable username. This appears at the end of your Personal Call Link and on any instant calls. It's unique to each Crikle account user, so each of your Crikle team members would have different usernames.

Once you've chosen your username, click "continue".

And you're done! You can then choose to start an instant call, set up your branding in settings (this includes uploading your logo, background image, brand colour and more) or go straight to explore your Crikle Meeting & Presentation Hub.

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