Once in your presentation environment, or during a Crikle call, on the right hand-side of your screen, simply click on the Checklist icon, circled in red above and create a new Checklist on the fly or import a custom made checklist already existing in your library

1. Click next on "New Checklist" circled in red below, on the right hand-side of your screen

You will now be redirected to the screen below where you are invited to name your Checklist, enter your first questions and answers in the relevant format (i.e. checkboxes, multiple choice..) and hit " SAVE CHECKLIST"

2. Once your Checklist is ready, you'll have the option to save it into your library by simply ticking the "Save to library as a template" box. Your Checklist is now shared with the rest of the team and can be imported at any point in time during your Crikle calls.

3. Your checklist is automatically saved in Crikle. Simply click on the "Annotations" tab at the top of your screen, you'll see a quick summary of your checklist. By just clicking on "Copy Annotations" you can also share it with your clients or the rest of your team!

4. How to sync your Checklist notes into your CRM. Simply click on the cloud icon, circled in red below, a new salesforce login window will pop up, add in your contact details, your checklist is now synced directly into your CRM saving you time and effort on admin and allowing you to have more time to engage with your customers.

You are now all set!

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