There's two ways you can host video conference calls with your clients on Crikle.

Let's start by learning how to schedule a meeting. This is best to use when you have an important meeting coming up, one where you'll want features such as 'sync to CRM' and 'Share Presentation' available. These meetings tend to be longer in length and require more preparation before and review after the meeting.

After signing in to your Crikle account, you will be taken to the Meeting & Presentation Hub. From there you can click "schedule a meeting for later".

You will then be prompted to fill out the meeting details, such as title, meeting duration and time zone. You can also choose whether to set the date and time now (meaning schedule the meeting yourself) or to send a meeting scheduling link (meaning your client schedules the meeting for you).

When you've done that, click "save".

You will be automatically redirected to the presentation screen for your meeting. A pop-up will appear containing the details you filled out on the previous page.

Here you will also see options of things you can do regarding the meeting invitation itself, such as "copy meeting invitation," "copy scheduling link" or "add to calendar". In preparation for the meeting you can import a sales checklist from your Crikle library, as well as important a presentation to use.

When you copy a meeting invitation to paste/send to a client, this is what the formatting looks like.

Please note: this is the format when you have not set up domain branding. To learn more about how to set up your domain branding, please click here.

You also have the option to add a Crikle meeting to your connected calendar and invite your participants to the meeting from there. If you choose to do that, it will look like this in your calendar (shown below in a Google Calendar).

The meeting invitation text will appear as a 'note' in the calendar event. The actual meeting link will appear in both the meeting 'note' as well as in the location for the 'event'.

To invite participants to the meeting from your calendar, click "edit" or the pencil icon.

From here, click "add guests".

Note: if using a Google Calendar, it will suggest adding a Google Meet link. To avoid confusion, click the "X" button next to this suggestion so only the Crikle meeting link is shown.

When you've inputted all of your participants' email addresses, click "save" to send the meeting invite.

This is the email your participants will receive once you have sent them the calendar invitation.

The second way to begin a video conference call with your clients is via an instant call. An instant call is best used for spontaneous, shorter calls and as such does not have all features available in the call environment (such as 'sync to CRM' and 'Share Presentation').

To start an instant call, click "start an instant call now" from your Meeting & Presentation Hub.

You will notice your Personal Call Link is shown beneath this button. That's because clicking on "Start an instant call now" brings you to the private meeting area where those who click on your Personal Call Link are taken to.

Because these instant calls operate on the same Personal Call Link URL, any notes you write in your call with John, Sarah and Robert would appear in a later instant call with Tim and Liz (and so on). We recommend copy and pasting your notes after each call into an email or separate document before deleting them from the call environment so that each instant call has a blank canvas.

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