With Crikle, you can easily build sales checklists to be saved as templates in your company's shared Library. This means that all your team members have access to your collection of available sales checklists and can import them to ahead of a client call. Perfect for collaboration and efficiency!

Here's how to build checklists and access it from the library:

1. Click the Library button in your dashboard. This will show you all the presentations and checklists in your account's library that you can access.

2. Click on "New Checklist" to start creating a new checklist

3. You will now be redirected to the screen below where you can start building the checklist! First off, a) name the checklist, b) enter the first question, c) select the relevant answer format i.e. checkboxes, multiple choice.

And finally, d) add more questions to continue the checklist.

3. Once you're done building the checklist, just click "Save Checklist" and you're done! This checklist will now be available to use by you and your team in the Checklist Library.

4. So, how can you access this checklist before or during a call? In your presentation environment, navigate to the Checklists tab on the left.

a) Click "Import from library", b) Select the checklist you would like to import and c) Click "Add to call".

And you're all set! The checklist will now be added to your call for you to use immediately.

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