Adding users to your Crikle account is easy - here's how you can do it:

After signing in to your Crikle account, click on the "settings" tab, followed by the "Account and Team details" section on the left hand panel.

Add the email address and name of the new user you are adding. Then click "send invite".

You will be able to add team members here in accordance with your Crikle plan and the number of seats you have purchased. Once you have reached the limit on seat additions in line with your account, you will see the following text:

Note: Free trial users have five seats.

As an admin you can change the permissions of your team members. By clicking on the three vertical dots you can change someones team member status from standard to admin, resend the email invitation to join your Crikle account, or disable their user. Only admins will be able to edit billing information and the team workspace environment.

As an admin, you can remove someone from the team workspace. Do this by clicking on the same three vertical dots and then "disable" and confirm again by clicking "disable" in the pop-up window.

Disabled team members will have a line through their name and the world "disabled" on the right-hand side.

Note: you would now have the ability to add a team member in their place or resend the disabled team member a re-activation email.

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