Adding users to your Crikle account is easy - here's how you can do it:

  1. After signing in to your Crikle account, click on the "settings" tab, followed by the "team" section on the left hand panel.

2. Add the email address and first name of the new user you are adding (inputting their last name is recommended but not mandatory). Then click "invite 1 user".

If there's multiple new users you want to add at the same time, click the "add another user" button and fill in the email address and first name fields. Do this until you have added your desired amount of new users (in accordance with your Crikle plan).

To remove someone from this list, click the circular icon with a horizontal line through it next to their information.

When you're done adding email addresses and names, click "invite users". They will then receive an email with your invitation to join the Crikle account.

3. At this point the user's email address will show under "active users". By selecting "admin" and exposing the dropdown menu, you have the option to adjust the user's permissions on the platform, to resend the invitation email, or to remove them as a user on the account.

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