Creating and saving presentations in the library makes it quicker and easier to create customer calls, helping salespeople save time and improve efficiency!

There are two ways to create a template in the Crikle library.

Create a template from within the Library

  1. Start by going into the "Library" tab and select "Create Presentation". Name the presentation and click create.

2. Clicking create will redirect you the presentation where you can create and design presentations. Any changes you make to this presentation will be auto-saved as shown below and you'll instantly find this presentation in your Crikle Library as a template.

Create a template from within the presentation environment

  1. If you're working on a presentation and want to save it as a template, click the "Save" button at the bottom of your screen to save it into your template.

2. A pop up will appear as shown below. Name the template and click "Add".

And voila! This is now saved in your library as can be seen below. Team members simply need to click "New Call from Presentation" to access this presentation.

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