Mirroring the first impression from in-person meetings, Crikle users create fully branded waiting rooms, presentation areas and out-of-meeting communications for clients. This branding provides a consistent client journey and improved company reputation.

After signing in to your Crikle account, go on the "settings" tab and click "Brand customisation".

Company name

Click on "add" or "edit" next to company name to write something in. Then click "update". You will see a preview of this, along with other branding edits you make, below.

Your clients will see your company name in your HD Presentation Shares, as seen below.

Background colour / image

Another way of bringing your company branding to the Crikle platform is by adding a background colour or image. If choosing an image, the file must be at least 1000 pixels wide in order to fit all screen sizes. When done, click "save".

Your customers will see the background colour or image you selected in the virtual waiting room, at the top of any HD Presentation Shares, and when clicking through your remote meeting scheduler link.


When updating your company logo, we recommend either choosing a file with a white background or a PNG with a transparent background. It's important to ensure that your logo can easily be seen against whichever background colour/image you choose. When you have uploaded your chosen logo, click "save".

Your logo will be shown to customers when they are in the virtual waiting room before a meeting starts, next to your name (the host) during the call and in the top left hand corner of the screen once the call has started. The logo will also appear after a meeting has ended, when a customer is clicking through your remote meeting scheduler link and in any HD Presentation Shares.

Here you can update your company slogan. While there is no word limit here, we recommend using something short and sweet. Once your slogan has been entered, click "update".

Your tagline will be appear under your company logo when your customer is in the virtual waiting room and on their screen after the meeting has ended. It will also appear when they are clicking through your remote meeting scheduler link and in your HD Presentation Shares.

Browser icon

This is the icon that you see in the browser bar when the Crikle platform is open, along with other tabs in your window.

Browser Icons should be either 16 x 16 pixels or 32 x 32 pixels, and you can upload it in either PNG or ICO format. Please note, Internet Explorer does not support PNG format. Once you have uploaded your preferred web browser icon, click "save".

Brand Colour

This will further personalise your Crikle account by changing things such as button colour and current speaker in a call environment. You can select your brand colour by sliding the bar or entering the colour code.

And you're good to go! Your professionally branded Crikle platform is ready.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Crikle's branding customisation:

Q: Can I brand/customise the links (custom domain)?

A: Yes you can! Please click here to learn how you can set up domain branding.

Q: In the loading screen before the meeting starts, can I remove the "Powered by Crikle" text?

A: This is not possible at the moment, however this loading screen does not typically stay visible for more than a few moments.

Q: Can I change the text in meeting invitations?

A: Whilst you cannot permanently change the meeting invitation text, you can edit it when sending to a customer or participant. As the meeting invitation currently exists as a copy and paste functionality, you are able to adjust the text.

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