Your Crikle meetings dates and times, checklists and notes are automatically saved in Crikle and synced directly into your CRM, saving you time and effort on admin and allowing to have more time to connect and engage with your customers.

1. Connect your Crikle account to HubSpot by going into your "Settings" tab. Under "Integrations" as shown on the screen below, select "HubSpot" and click on the "Connect" button. HubSpot integration is a per-user integration, each member of your team will be invited to individually connect their Crikle account with HubSpot.

2. You can also sync your Crikle meetings dates and times, checklists and notes with HubSpot directly from your Crikle Call by simply clicking on the "2 arrows" icon on the right hand-side of your screen, as shown below, you'll be redirected to your HubSpot account.

3. Simply click on your account name and that's it, Crikle is now synced with HubSpot.

4. The word ENABLED is now visible on your screen. Simply enter your customer contact and your Crikle meetings dates and times, checklists and notes will be added to your contact within HubSpot.

5. Simply open your contact's profile in HubSpot, go into your contact's "Activity" tab, and your meeting details as a well as a link redirecting you to your Crikle Meeting and

Audio recordings will be right there.

The integration is a per-user integration. This means each user will need to individually install the CR-HS-integration. Upon linking a HubSpot contact within a Crikle meeting, notes, dates and times, and checklists will be added to your contact within HubSpot under their meetings section.

Core functionality:

1. Meetings are created for you in HubSpot after adding a HS contact to your Crikle meeting.

2. Meetings are updated and call notes are logged automatically in HubSpot

3. If you edit your meeting notes inside HubSpot, any further description notes or checklists will no longer be synced from Crikle to Hubspot.

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