Checklists enable you to customise and simplify your feedback capture during Crikle meetings. With structured questions and responses you can gather

client feedback in real-time without distraction or disruption.

You will no longer have the trade off between giving a client your undivided attention and capturing the entirety of their feedback. Focus on engaging conversations and save time and effort.

When you've logged into your Crikle account, you can either click "start" under Create Checklist in the Sales Hub tab.

Or you can click "create checklist" under checklists in the Library tab.

If you clicked on "library" in the top panel, select "create checklist".

You will then be brought to this screen where you can name your checklist and choose from question and answer styles like checkboxes, multiple choice, long answer or short answer.

Once you've added your checklist questions click "save checklist".

Note: you can always edit your checklists later.

When you're in a Crikle meeting, select the third icon down and click "import from library".

Note: you can also create new checklists here by clicking "new checklist +".

You can now see your selected checklist(s) in the panel on the right. When you're in your next Crikle meeting you'll be able to discretely fill in client answers to these questions - all responses will be saved to the "recap" tab on the top panel after the meeting has ended.

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