You share, they share, we all screen share! You and your meeting participants can easily share screens to enable even better collaboration and conversations.

As the Crikle user, here's how you do it.

Once your participant(s) have entered the meeting, click "screen share" from the top panel.

If you are using Chrome as your web browser, you will then get this pop-up. Choose what part of your screen you'd like to share with your participant, and then click "share".

You are also able to share a tab's audio (if, for example, you are screen sharing a YouTube video). If that's the case, click on "chrome tab" from the below menu.

Note: audio sharing is only possible if using Chrome.

From here, select your desired tab from those you have open and click "share audio" followed by "share".

Once you've started sharing your screen, it will look like this:

To stop sharing your screen, click "stop sharing screen".

Here's how your meeting participants can share their screen.

They click on "share screen" from their top panel to request screen sharing capabilities.

If they are also using Chrome as their web browser, they will get the same pop-up as above. Once they click "share" there, they then see this - it means they have requested to screen share, but their request is pending approval from the meeting host (you!).

Note: If they are trying to share a Chrome tab with audio, they will go through the same process as above, click "share", and then continue to wait for your approval as below.

On your side, you'll see this screen share request pop up. Click "allow".

For your meeting participant to end their screen sharing, they can either click the "stop sharing" button in the middle of their screen, or the "stop sharing" icon on the top panel.

You can also stop your participant from sharing their screen by clicking "stop screen sharing".

Please note:

If you have an Apple Mac that's been recently updated to Monterey OS you may find that your screen recording and sharing permissions have been reset. To re-enable these follow the below steps:

  1. Select the Apple menu (in the upper left corner of the screen).

  2. Choose System preferences.

  3. Select Security & Privacy.

  4. You may need to unlock before you change settings. Select the lock (located in the lower left corner), then a message and a prompt will display. Sign in, either with TouchID or with your system administrator account name and password.

  5. Make sure the Privacy button is selected (from the tab across the top of the options), then scroll down and select Screen Recording (from the left menu).

  6. In the box to the right, scroll until Chrome is displayed, then select the box to allow screen sharing.

  7. If Chrome is open, you may be notified that the setting will be applied only after Chrome quits. Choose either Later or Quit & Reopen. I recommend Quit & Reopen.

  8. Select the lock (in the lower left corner) to secure your settings.

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