HD Presentation Share links are attached to every meeting and presentation for you to send to clients pre or post meeting (or both!). Their content matches that of the presentation itself, so if you add a slide or a map in-meeting it'll update in the HD Presentation Share, too.

After signing in to your Crikle account, you can either click on an existing meeting, start an instant meeting and import a presentation, or click on a presentation in your library and start a meeting from there.

Once in the meeting environment, click the bottom icon on the right side panel.

Note: the title of your meeting will be the same title for your HD Presentation Share. If you have an untitled meeting, you will also have an untitled HD Presentation Share.

Every HD Presentation Share link is password-protected for privacy reasons. Anyone who receives the HD Presentation Share link will need to input this password to access the presentation.

Here, type in your chosen password then click "publish link".

You're now ready to share your presentation! Click "copy presentation link" to add it to an email, SMS, Whatsapp or other.

Note: You can come back and change this password at any time, but you will need to notify those with the link of the updated password should they wish to view the presentation again.

Below is what those with the link will see.

When clicking on the HD Presentation Share link, they will be prompted to enter the password.

They will then have full access to your HD presentation as shown below.

Your Crikle email address and remote meeting scheduler link will appear at the bottom of the HD Presentation Share webpage should they wish to contact you or schedule a follow-up meeting.

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