Reducing the typical back and forth that comes with scheduling, clients view availability and book consultations via a Crikle appointment link, synced directly to connected calendars.

Start by connecting your calendar to your Crikle account (step by step instructions can be found in the article called "Calendar Integrations" in the features section).

Now you need to specify your appointment availability from within Crikle. To do this, go to settings > my account > meeting scheduler.

First select your timezone from the drop-down menu. Then with each day of the week, slide the bar to the times you are available for meetings. If there are days you have no availability (for example Saturday) then uncheck the box next to that day of the week.

Then click "save"

Now that your meeting availability is set, your clients will be able to schedule time with you. They will be able to do this in two different ways, as described below.

Your Remote Meeting Scheduler is connected to your availability. One way for customers to book a video meeting with you would be to click on your Remote Meeting Scheduler link - you can save it in your email signature, embed it on your website, or even paste it into your LinkedIn bio - wherever you want customers to have the ability to view your availability and book time with you.

Note: to learn more about the Remote Meeting Scheduler, such as how to change your username, click here.

The second way for a customer to book a video meeting with you is when they are sent a meeting-specific scheduling link (this is prompted manually by yourself, the meeting host).

To begin that process, you would click on "schedule a meeting" from your Sales Hub tab or your Meetings tab. While in the pop-up you would write in the meeting title and duration, then click "send meeting scheduling link" and "save".

You will then be redirected to the meeting environment. You will need to send the client this link for them to choose a time for the meeting.

When the client has received the scheduling link, this is what they will see.

Combined with your connected calendar's existing appointments and the meeting availability you chose within Crikle, clients will be able to choose a day and corresponding time for your meeting.

Some answers to common questions about these buyer scheduling links are below:

Q: Can I send the same meeting scheduling link to multiple people?

A: At this time, the scheduling link is only able to be sent to a single person - this is because each link is associated with a particular meeting.

A highly suggested feature on our roadmap has been to create one 'master' scheduling link to send to anyone who would like to book a meeting with you - this is currently being created by our engineers and will be available soon!

Q: Can I select multiple availabilities within one day (I.e. Monday from 9-11am, 1-3pm and 4-5:30pm)

A: This is a planned enhancement that should be available in the coming months.

Q: Can I embed my meeting scheduling link onto my website?

A: At present this is not an option. The Crikle meeting availability and scheduling link is designed for sending to individual clients/customers.
However, embedding this link on a website is on our roadmap and should be ready within the next few months.

Q: Are your meeting & scheduling links static or dynamic?
A: Each meeting and scheduling link is dynamic and will change when the host creates a new meeting. On our roadmap are two exciting developments to add even more flexibility:

  • Instant call links- with personal meeting links. Participants can simply click on a link to connect to a call directly with the host.

  • Direct scheduling links- for quick access to scheduling. Participants can choose available times for meetings, and create and book new meetings directly with the host (easily embedded to websites and email footers).

Q: Can I set a recurrent meeting? For example at 10am every Monday?

A: At present it’s not possible to create a recurring meeting. Crikle has been designed for sales meetings that aren’t generally recurring.

Q: Can my contact choose the duration of the meeting when using the scheduling link?

A: Meeting durations are selected by you, the host, before you send your contact the scheduling link (see image below). Your contact is unable to adjust the duration of the meeting.

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