Reducing the typical back and forth that comes with scheduling, clients view availability and book consultations via a Crikle appointment link, synced directly to connected calendars.

Start by connecting your calendar to your Crikle account (step by step instructions can be found in the article called "Calendar Integrations" in the features section).

Now you need to specify your appointment availability from within Crikle. To do this, click the settings tab on the top panel and then click "Meeting availability" from the left side panel.

First select your timezone from the drop-down menu. Then with each day of the week, slide the bar to the times you are available for meetings. If there are days you have no availability (for example Saturday) then uncheck the box next to that day of the week.

Then click "save".

Now that your meeting availability is set, your clients will be able to schedule time with you through your Crikle appointment link.

To begin that process, click on "schedule a meeting" from your Sales Hub tab or your Meetings tab. Add your meeting title and duration when in the pop-up, then click "send meeting scheduling link" and "save".

You will then be redirected to the meeting environment. You will need to send the client this link for them to choose a time for the meeting.

When the client has received the scheduling link, this is what they will see.

Combined with your connected calendar's existing appointments and the meeting availability you chose within Crikle, clients will be able to choose a day and corresponding time for your meeting.

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