Save valuable time by syncing and storing client information collected during meetings to the connected CRM profile in moments.

Below you will find the steps on how you can utilise this feature from your Crikle account.

After signing in to your Crikle account, go to the "settings" tab and select "integrations". Here you can choose to connect either a Salesforce account or a HubSpot account.

Once you have chosen which CRM to connect with your Crikle account click "Connect +", then follow the various pop-ups prompted by the CRM host channel.

Now when a meeting is over, you can choose to sync your notes, recordings and time stamps to the client's profile in your connected CRM.

To do so, click the fourth icon on the righthand panel. Then click "add customer".

You'll get a pop-up asking you to search for the contact's name. When that has been selected, their name will appear next to the CRM on the righthand panel.

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