The calendar integration feature allows you to share the details of your meeting to your calendar in moments. Below you will find the steps on how you can utilise this feature from your Crikle account.

After signing in to your Crikle account, go to the "settings" tab and select "integrations". Here you can choose to connect either a Google calendar or an Outlook calendar.

Once you have chosen which calendar to connect with your Crikle account, click "Connect +" and then follow the various pop-ups prompted by the calendar host.

You can quickly and easily add a Crikle meeting to your connected calendar by clicking "add to calendar".

You will then be automatically redirected to your connected calendar (shown below is the Google Calendar integration). Click "save" to successfully integrate it into your calendar.

The call invitation will now appear!

Note: At present time, Crikle is only able to get availability from your default calendar on Google Calendar.

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