If your internet connection is strained when using Crikle, a few things could happen as a result on the platform.

You might see an exclamation mark next to your name in your video feed, this is to symbolise an unstable internet connection and is visible by all meeting participants.

You will also pop-up at the bottom of your screen (this is only visible to you). This pop-up to notify you that an unstable internet connect is affecting your Crikle meeting connectivity and quality.

From your side, those indicators will look like this:

From a customer's side, they will look like this:

If your internet connection has completely dropped, you will instead see this pop-up:

Crikle might also reduce video feed quality, or turn it off completely, to preserve the audio quality as this is deemed more important for a meeting to be successful. Lastly, audio might pause momentarily before coming back in a sped-up fashion.

If multiple people in your office or home are using the same connection, we would advise you to upgrade your bandwidth. Video calling and conferencing is a rather bandwidth intensive task that might take up to 5 MB/s per session.

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