The Remote Meeting Scheduler is a single, reusable link that you can share with others so they can easily view your availability and schedule a video meeting with you.

The Remote Meeting Scheduler can live anywhere - embed it on your website, hyperlink it in your email signature, even add it to your LinkedIn bio - the options are endless.

To set up your Remote Meeting Scheduler to go settings > customisation > call links.

From here, click "edit" next to username.

This customisable, unique username will appear at the end of your remote meeting scheduler link as well as the end of your Personal Call Link (more information on that feature here). Once you have written in your desired username, click "save". Your username should now match that at the end of your remote meeting scheduler link.

You can add this link to an email, SMS, Whatsapp, website form, email signature and more! Paste or hyperlink this wherever you would like others to be able to view your availability and book a meeting with you.

Below is what others will see when they click on your remote meeting scheduler link.

Please note: the background image shown below will differ depending on what you have selected as your Crikle background.

They will then need to choose a date and time for their meeting with you. Once they do that, they will fill in the below details before clicking "book meeting".

Note: customers are currently only able to view your availability and book meetings in increments of 15 minutes.

Once they've booked the meeting, they will see this screen.

They will also receive a confirmation email with details of the meeting and the option to reschedule.

You as the host, will then be notified via email that someone has booked a meeting with you using the remote meeting scheduler link. Said meeting will also be added to your connected calendar.

The notification email you receive will look like this:

If you click "prepare meeting" from this email, you will be taken to the associated meeting environment. Here you can create, upload or import a presentation, import a checklist, or add some initial thoughts to the notes section.

Once your meeting has ended, you have the option to share the presentation with your customers via HD Presentation Share (here's how to do that). Your remote meeting scheduler link will now appear at the bottom of that page so that your customers can quickly and easily book a follow-up meeting with you.

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