To view your current Crikle plan, go to "settings" and "subscription".

The below image shows a trial that has expired. To continue using Crikle once this has happened, click "upgrade".

You will now be redirected to a different page. From here you can increase the number of total seats for your Crikle account and decide whether you'd like to pay annually or monthly. When you've made your selection, click "proceed to checkout".

From here you will be taken to Stripe's payment portal. Once you've inputted your payment details click "subscribe."

For those who have an existing account and want to change their subscription, the process is very similar. After clicking on "settings" and "subscription," click "manage subscription".

From here you can choose "update plan" or "cancel plan" as well as view your billing information and billing history.

For any additional questions regarding your subscription or billing, please contact

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