Your Personal Call Link is a static, reusable link that you can share with others so they can quickly jump onto a call with you.

Each Personal Call Link has a customisable, unique username at the end of the link - this username will also appear at the end of your Remote Meeting Scheduler link (more information on that feature here).

To set up your Personal Call Link go to settings > customisation > call link.

From here click 'edit' next to username to write in your username of choice before clicking save.

You will now see your username update at the end of both links.

When you start an instant meeting you will be taken to a private meeting area with your personal call link as the URL. This URL is the same for both you as the host and your customers.

When a customer clicks on your Personal Call Link they will be taken to the call's virtual waiting room. You will then get the below pop-up to notify you who is in the waiting room.

If you have multiple participants in the waiting room the pop-up will become a scrollable list for you to see who is trying to enter the call. You can either allow or not allow participants into your call one by one, or click "allow all" or "don't allow all".

Once you've decided who can join, the call will begin as usual - as shown below.

If you choose not to allow someone into the call, they will see the below screen.

Please note: the background colour you see here will change depending on your agency's selected colour in Crikle.

If you clicked "don't allow" by accident, they can refresh the page and try again, showing you the same "allow" or "don't allow" pop-up.

Note: You will have a limited number of features available when in an instant meeting. Those available include notes, checklists, and record call with time stamping.

Because these instant meetings live on the same Personal Call Link URL, any notes you write in your call with John, Sarah and Robert would appear in a later instant call with Tim and Liz (and so on). We recommend copy and pasting your notes after each call into an email or separate document before deleting them from the call environment so that each instant call has a blank canvas.

Some answers to common questions about the Personal Call Link are below:

Q: If I use a presentation during one of these calls can I send it to my customers afterwards via HD Presentation Share?

A: Calls that start via your Personal Call Link do not have the HD Presentation Share feature, so unfortunately if you do choose to upload a presentation during the call you won't have the ability to share it with your customers in that setting.

Q: I can't find my call in the "Meetings" tab on my Crikle account... where is it?

A: Because your Personal Call Link URL stays the same for every call hosted, it will not appear in your "past calls" tab. Only scheduled meetings will be listed in your "past" and "upcoming" tabs.

Q: I can't give a title to my call, why?

A: Because your Personal Call Link environment is the same for every call you host there you aren't able to title the call. This is because your Personal Call Link environment is the same for every call you host, even though the topics of the discussions you have there will surely be different to one another. For that reason the call title is left blank to avoid any confusion amongst your customers when clicking your Personal Call Link.

Q: Where do I find the notes, checklists and recordings I took?

A: In the top panel of your Personal Call Link environment you will see a tab titled "Recap". If you click there you will get a summary of any notes, checklists or recordings you took during your call. Again, because this Personal Call Link environment is the same for every call hosted, we recommend you copy and paste the information found there into an email or separate document before deleting it in your Recap tab. This is so when you host your next call via your Personal Call Link, you will be met with a 'clean slate'.

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