Unlock the full potential of your brand on Crikle with domain branding. This replaces app.crikle.com with your own business domain to start making video calls using the same domain as your website.

Free domain branding setup

Connecting your domain to your Crikle account can be a slightly technical process for those not familiar with the control panel of their domain providers, so why not make use of our free domain branding setup service. We’ll connect you with a Crikle expert who will help you get set up with video calls using your website’s domain today.

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For those who are familiar with connecting domains and editing DNS records, here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Create the CNAME in your domain provider

1. Log into your domain provider

In a new browser tab or window, log into your domain account. Navigate to the section for managing your DNS records. Depending on your domain provider, this may be called Zone File Settings, Manage DNS, Domain Manager, DNS Manager, or something similar. Here, you’ll create the record so your domain correctly links to your Crikle account.

2. Copy the CNAME record from Crikle

Next, in a different browser tab or window, log into Crikle account. You’ll need to copy the CNAME record in Settings:

  1. Log into Crikle

  2. From the Home Screen, click ‘Settings’

  3. Click ‘Domain branding’ from the bar on the left

  4. Copy the ‘Value’ in the CNAME record from the table

3: Create the new DNS record on your domain provider

Go back to the browser tab opened for your domain provider to create the new record. Each provider has a slightly different method for entering your record, however most will have a table in the DNS settings page that is similar to the below.

Alias, host, host name, or name

Record, record type, or type

Points to, details, or data




  1. Type your ideal subdomain into the ‘alias’ or ‘host name’ column. To do this, simply add a word in front of your primary domain to create a subdomain, for example: calls.mydomain.org or meetings.mydomain.com’.*

  2. Select ‘CNAME’ from the ‘record or record type’ column

  3. Paste the ‘Value’ you copied from the table within ‘Settings’ of your Crikle account into the ‘points to or details’ column. Note: some domain providers require a ‘.’ (full stop) to be added to the end of the value you paste into the ‘points to’ column.

*If your provider doesn't accept a full hostname (meetings.mydomain.org) as an ‘alias or host name’, we recommend typing only the first portion of the hostname in (meetings). Failing this, please consult your domain provider for help setting up a correct CNAME.

Don’t forget to save this once you have finished (if you are given the option to do so).

Step 2: Add the hostname into Crikle’s settings

Finally, you’ll need to copy the hostname from the created CNAME record in your domain provider’s control panel, into the Settings of your Crikle account.

As mentioned before, each domain provider will have a slightly different way of displaying the CNAME record, but most will have a table looking like this:

Alias, host, host name, or name

Record, record type, or type

Points to, details, or data




To add the hostname into your Crikle Settings:

  1. Copy the hostname from the column labelled ‘Alias’, or Host, or ‘Hostname’ in your domain providers control panel

  2. Return to the browser tab opened for your Crikle account, which should still be open on the ‘Domain branding’ section of ‘Settings’

  3. Click ‘Add’ on Step 2 of the table

  4. Copy the hostname into the field and click ‘Save’

Step 3: Test connection

Whilst the connection is usually active within 30 minutes, it can take between 24 to 72 hours for the connection to start working properly, depending on the TTL of your domain provider. TTL (Time to live) is the amount of time your domain provider usually takes to make the changes you made to the DNS record.

Crikle automatically tests the connection after step 2, so you may not need to test the connection. If it’s not connected immediately, there’s are a few ways to continue checking:

1. Test connection in settings

  1. In Crikle, go to the ‘Domain branding’ section in ‘Settings’.

  2. In the table, on step 3, click ‘Refresh’

  3. When the red label ‘NOT CONNECTED’ becomes a ‘CONNECTED’ green label, the connection is successfully made.

2. Visit your personal call link

Open a new tab and copy your personal call link into the search bar. If the URL in the search bar contains your business domain, the link has been fully set up.

If you see ‘NOT CONNECTED’ after 72 hours, reach out to us on live chat, where you can access a Crikle expert to help set up your domain branding.

Your SSL certificate on Crikle

An SSL certificate ensures you and your clients are using https, the secure version of http. With https, your calls are encrypted for greater security. Your participants are also redirected to https after the certificate is activated, even if they entered http.

Crikle automatically generates your SSL certificate when you enter the hostname into step 2 of the ‘Connect your domain’ table in the settings of your Crikle account.

In the vast majority of cases, you’ll see a green label with ‘SSL CERTIFICATE ACTIVE’ appear in the ‘SSL Certificate’ section immediately after step 2 is completed. If you do see a red SSL CERTIFICATE NOT ACTIVE’, please contact support.

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