Never miss a scheduled meeting by getting a reminder before each one (please note: enabling notifications for instant calls is not yet possible).

Here's how you enable scheduled meeting notifications in your Crikle account:

Once you've logged into your Crikle account, click on "settings" and then "notifications" from the left hand side.

The email notification box will be automatically checked from when you signed up for a Crikle account. You may however find that you are unable to check the Browser box. This could be due to some permission settings.

In Chrome, click on the lock icon next to the URL. Then navigate to Notifications and click "allow".

Now reload the page and click the box next to "Browser".

You may also notice you are unable to check the SMS box. This is because you have not yet registered a phone number with Crikle.

To add your phone number to your Crikle account, click on "profile" from the settings tab, followed by "Add" next to phone number.

You will then see the below pop-up. Click on the highlighted icon to select your region.

Once you have done that, input your phone number and click "update".

Now, navigate back to the "notifications" page and select the box next to "SMS".

And you should be all set!

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