Welcome to Crikle! This guide will help you set up your account. For any questions please contact support@crikle.com.

General Settings

Set up your account

  1. Sign up or login to Crikle by creating an account at https://app.crikle.com/register-now

  2. Brand your account to match your company branding in “Settings -> Customisation -> Brand”. Insert your company name, logo, background image and more.

  3. Add team members and group them as admins/users by going to “Settings -> Admin Settings -> Account and Team Details”

  4. Set up Personalised Call Links by navigating to “Settings -> Customisation -> Call Links”

  5. Integrate your Calendar (Gmail & Outlook) and CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce or Zoho) by navigating to “Settings -> My Account -> Calendar and CRM Integrations”

Crikle Outbound

Crikle Outbound is built to simplify outreach and outbound conversations

  1. Start or Schedule a Crikle meeting by going to the “My Calls'' tab and clicking on Start and Instant Call Now or Schedule a Meeting for later. Scheduled Calls can be synced to your connected calendar.

  2. Alternatively, let your leads set up time with you based on their availability and yours using Crikle’s Remote Meeting Scheduler found in “Settings -> Call Link”.

  3. Once a meeting is created, design and build a presentation to be used in call in the “Presentation” tab by uploading it from your computer, importing from Crikle Library or building it on Crikle.

  4. Use in-call features that can be found in the right panel within the call environment to capture feedback during a meeting. Notes, Checklists, Recordings, Meeting Details and CRM sync to save time.

  5. Send your presentation to clients using password-protected Microsites found in the “Presentation” tab.

Advanced Settings

Crikle Inbound

Crikle’s inbound widget helps companies engage website traffic with live video conversations

  1. Install the Inbound Widget on your website. Detailed instructions here.

  2. Customise the widget to reflect your brand in Settings -> Customisation -> Brand

  3. Customise the widget button in “Settings -> Widget Settings -> Widget Designer”

  4. Set your team up to receive inbound calls by making them agency contacts in “Admin Settings -> Account and Team Details”.

  5. Set up notifications to receive alerts about incoming calls by going to Settings -> My Account -> Notifications

  6. Navigate to the “Inbound Calls” tab to view the Call Centre and receive inbound calls.

Crikle Social

Convert Social Media Engagement Into Conversation

  1. Navigate to “Settings -> Customisation -> Call Link” and copy the Agency Contact Landing Page link.

  2. This link can be used in social campaigns across all channels to redirect a lead into a video call. Read about how to set up UTM links here.

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