To share a presentation after an outbound call:

  1. Click on the paper airplane icon from the righthand side panel.

  2. Every HD Presentation Share link is password-protected for privacy reasons. Anyone who receives the HD Presentation Share link will need to input this password to access the presentation. Type in your chosen password then click 'publish link.

  3. You can preview your HD Presentation Share by clicking 'view'.

  4. When you're ready to share the presentation with others, click 'copy presentation link' - now send this to whoever you'd like to give access (remember to send them the password, too). Please note: Your email address and remote meeting scheduler link will appear at the bottom of the HD Presentation Share webpage should they wish to contact you or schedule a follow-up meeting.

Please note: Content in shared presentations matches that of the presentation itself, so if you add a slide or a map in-meeting it'll update in the HD Presentation Share, too.

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